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The Hedgeroe Apothecary

One who goes to the doctor's office, undergoes treatment, and returns to the world facing it exactly as before has missed the opportunity to face the world with soul.

Robert Sardello-

Facing the World with Soul, the Re-imagination of Everyday Life



Consultations (£50):  This is a full case history of physical & emotional health, including diet & lifestyle habits. It usually last an hour and a half to two hours at the end of which I prescribes herbs for the next month.

Follow-up Visits (£25): This will only take a half hour to one hour and is to check on the progress of the treatment.  Further follow up visits will be evry one or two  months or more. Treatment time and number of appointments depends on the nature of the problem but long standing conditions may take several months to resolve although benefits of the treatment should be felt within a couple of weeks.  Acute conditions may only need one visit.

Basic Herbal care: To make herbs easily available I sell ready made mixes for day to day problems such as sleep, stress, anxiety, coughs and colds.  These I can prescribe without the need of a consultation. Individually crafted tinctures can be made up for non-serious complaints with some basic information, in this case there is a £10 charge on top of the tincture.  This service is offered to make herbs more available to those who may be put off by the price of a consultation but is not meant to replace a consultation, more serious or long standing conditions require a full case history in order to give a correct treatment.

Christopher Roe BSc hons medical Herbalism

I studied at The Scottish School of Herbal medicine in Glasgow, a school which attempted to teach both the science and art of herbalism. Although the modern laboratory biochemist may corroborate much ancient knowledge it is observation and generations of clinical experience that forms the basis of how I use herbs.


I've had a really positive experience of Chris's treatment. When I saw him he really took the time to listen, ask relevant questions and give me tinctures which have helped me immensely. I was initially struggling with stress and my heart rate was high and within a week of taking his tincture I felt calm and rested again. I then saw him for energy rejuvenation and again his tincture blend helped bring me back to life. Thank you so much Chris! Couldn't recommend you and your tinctures more highly... I particularly loved visiting your shed and seeing all the tinctures you've made! Jodie

— Monique Hale


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07983 536 374

Feed Bristol. 181 Frenchay park rd, Bristol BS1`6 1EL



Initial Consultations
the initial consultation lasts about 1and a half to 2 hours gathers a full medical history, helping the client draw links between life experiences and changes in health. I then prescribe herbs for 2-4 weeks until the follow up consultation.
Follow up-consultations
These last from a half hour to one hour and are mostly designed to check on the progress of the treatment although in practice salient features of the medical histurt
Drop in Clinic
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